Wednesday, March 27, 2013

fast forward, today.

2+ years ago I decided to tango with modeling.

little did i know that you don't tango with modeling, you have a full-fledged affair.
my god, do you ever.

you pass cross paths with people from all walks of life, in every state of sobriety imaginable.
porn stars become friends and black lights become accepted.

this is not to say that you engage in deplorable activities,
rather, that uncommon becomes common-place.

as always, it's not the things you see or what you do, but the people that you meet,
that have the most profound effect.
this case is no different.

i've met many darlings in my encounters.
there is the occasional airhead, fame-whore,
but an overwhelming amount of passionate artists,
chasing dreams.

fast forward, today.

nearing graduation. embarking on exchange.
retired from modeling. pulled back into the game.
real jobs.

next, real jobs.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Funny how you tumble what seems to be a million and one times,
and yet you always find yourself alongside the same souls.

Somehow they're making the same trips,
or perhaps they're just taking the same way.

Pulled by the same devices,
and felled for the same evils.

These are the few that make the journey worthwhile.

Silly poem aside, wise words from a hippie man to a wanderlust friend hit home with me.
"It matters not where you go, but who you're with.

You can't run away forever."

Shit. This man has struck the nail on its head. 
Thus, I am swiftly thrown into contemplation as to the aim of recent hightailing urges.

Is this acute ache merely a case of "fight or flight"?

Thursday, March 31, 2011



I am the typical geek turned extrovert. Love those flashy gadgets. Horrified with forced interaction. Was consoled by the sandbox and monkey bars. Then I got propelled into a different life.

I moved 4.5 times. 0.5 because the last move was by choice. And had the joy of playing new kid in 5.5 different schools. Tough skin... created!

Now I'm just trying to find where I fit in.

The phases that I've been through are too countless too number. I believe in trying everything twice.

Still, I keep to myself. Extroverted. But private.

So expect perhaps only sporadic insights, but periodic updates on my new adventures through my portfolio!

~ ~